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About The Library

What Is It For?

BALADI CAP created this Resource Library – a web-based repository of development information resources designed to improve sharing of data and information between the USAID/Lebanon Mission, local implementing partners and development organizations within Lebanon.

The Library will be available to all interested development partners in Lebanon and is populated with resources identified and uploaded by staff from USAID/Lebanon, BALADI CAP, Implementing Partners and other library users.

Resources contained and/or referenced on the library will include:

  • USAID/Lebanon templates for Implementing Partners' use in M&E and other areas
  • Training materials and presentations developed by BALADI CAP and other organizations
  • Assessments and evaluations conducted in Lebanon and the region
  • Geospatial data and maps
  • Other relevant materials in a variety of formats and topics.
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Resource Types

Interact Resources can be found easily with a multi-faceted search that allows you to drill down to exactly what you need.
Data Geo-spatial data or spreadsheets with latitude/longitude let users preview the data on a map or in a spreadsheet view

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